Astral Green Jacket Limited Edition LE9 Lotus PFD

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The Astral Lotus LE9 Green Jacket PFD is definitely a head turner on the river! Much like its Green Jacket Siblings, the Astral Lotus LE9 Personal Flotation Device combines high-performance features with dependable, heritage-inspired designs. Built specifically for whitewater professionals and professional river rescuers, this PFD is equipped with Astral's Techtonics fit technology, which consists of one static panel at the chest and a dynamic floating panel at the torso. This design prevents the PFD from riding up and also ensures unimpeded mobility, so you can focus on the objective at hand.

Additionally, this large clamshell-style opening makes for an easy entry and exit, and it can easily accommodate a rescue rope. A side tow system, quick-release harness, and safety loop are also included for emergency extractions. However, to differentiate itself from the pack, the LE9 Lotus features a groovy color palette and unique lotus pattern inside the pocket.

  • A PFD built for professional whitewater rescuers
  • Two-piece design assures unimpeded mobility
  • Torso height is adjustable for your convenience
  • Rope storage and multiple pockets offer adaptive performance
  • Groovy color pattern and lotus embroidery ensures a hint of flair

Owning the limited edition Astral Lotus LE9 Green Jacket PFD gives you a dependable Rescue PFD with a piece of Astral history built in.