NRS Pivot Drysuit Review

NRS Pivot Drysuit Review

My dream drysuit is finally a reality! The NRS Pivot back entry drysuit is a do it all drysuit. I now have a drysuit I can wear river running, creeking, SUPing and most of all play boating! I never could wear my front entry drysuit play boating. I always found the zipper in front to be constricting and uncomfortable while freestyle kayaking. The back entry zipper is a game changer for me. I finally have a drysuit where I put it on, zip it up (by myself), put on my skirt and PFD and BOOM I’m ready to go. I don’t have to make any adjustments constantly and I feel like I have the range of motion just like I do with a drytop. Now I have a drysuit to wear that's comfortable for freestyle when it's cold. No more drytop and drypants combo, where inevitably the two start to move away from each other and your crack starts to show and your back side get cold and wet (maybe that's just a me problem)!  

Face full of cold water!

I was able to try out the Pivot drysuit this February. We had some mild days mixed with some rain in Vermont that brought some rivers up. I paddled a few days on the Dryway section of the Deerfield River. The water was pretty darn cold but the Pivot kept me warm, dry and comfortable. The range of motion I had while wearing it was fantastic. It felt great being in a drysuit that offered so much flexibility while paddling. Surfing waves, stern squirts, ferries, I mean everything just felt smooth and unrestricted, it was like wearing a drytop. 

Not to knock on front entry drysuits but in my opinion I like the back entry way better for it's comfort.

Jeff and I on a paddling date!

The Pivot has a dropseat in the women’s version so if you have to use the ladies room it’s easy peasy, just unzip and go. Just remember to zip it back up! The Eclipse fabric drysocks are not bulky and make it easy to get your shoes on and off. The 4-layer Eclipse fabric is a waterproof-breathable barrier and Nanosphere DWR finish keeps water out and lets moisture escape. The seat and legs are reinforced with extra layers of Eclipse fabric to protect the high friction areas. The back entry zipper has a nice t-grip handle so it's actually easy to zip on and off by yourself. If you want all the specs check them out at

NRS Pivot Drysuit, NRS ZEN rescue PFD, WRSI Current Pro Helmet

I couldn’t be happier with the NRS Pivot drysuit! If you are in the market for a drysuit this is seriously the one to consider. There's a men’s and a women’s Pivot drysuit. I’m 5’5”, 140 pounds and I wear the women’s medium. The size is a perfect fit for me with added room for layering in cold weather. Get your’s at Zoar Outdoor!

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell