Brunton Explorer 10 Solar Chg

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The Brunton Explorer 10 Solar Charger is a high-efficiency solar cells keep the juice flowing and the footprint small. Fold the Explorer 10 into your set of high-tech adventure gear and keep your gadgets going. With onboard 12v and USB ports, power-hungry electronics like GPS communicators and action-sport cameras stay humming no matter how far you push them.

  • Optimized for mid-sized electronics like action sport cameras GPS navigators
  • Dual output, both 12v & USB outlets on-board
  • Integrates with Brunton power packs for even more off-the-grid performance
  • Compatible with rechargeable Brunton SyncTech enabled head lamps and task lights.
  • 12 volts 625mA, 5 volts 1000mA (USB)

 Brunton Explorer 10 Solar Charger outputs to many devices with it's USB port!

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