PFD / Lifejacket

Get the right Lifejacket fit for kayaking, canoeing, SUPing or rafting.  PFD's, Personal Flotation Devices or Life Jackets are the most basic tools of safe paddling.  Everybody swims on the river at one time or another, so wearing a well-fitting, whitewater ready PFD is critical to ensure that you float and that you have protection for your torso and spine from rocks, boats and other obstacles.  Your PFD should have sufficient flotation for the purpose you intend.  16.5 lbs is pretty standard for medium and low profile models, while some big-water commercial rafting PFDs have as much as 22 lbs of flotation.  Getting a PFD that fits well is also important.  If you're playboating you may want a low profile vest while many steep creekers choose rescue vests that have quick release tethers and other accessories that can make rescuing a boat or a person easier.