Dagger Torrent 10.0 Sit On Top - Whitewater Kayak

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The Dagger Torrent 10.0's hull is designed for the speed and challenges of swift rivers and has an open top design that lets you get out and play no matter where you are. As long as it is near the water. It's a great whitewater trainer for up to class IV rivers and it is a blast in moderate sea swells. And because it is a sit-on-top, the only rolls you will have to make are for dinner.

SPECIFICATIONS Dagger Torrent 10.0

  • LENGTH:10' 1" / 307 cm 
  • WIDTH:30.5" / 77 cm
  • COCKPIT LENGTH:48.25" / 123 cm 
  • COCKPIT WIDTH:20.5" / 52 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY:250 lbs. / 113 kg 
  • BOAT WEIGHT:48 lbs. / 22 kg


• Easy to manage, whitewater sit on top kayak
• Ergonomic molded in seat
• Padded thigh straps
• Self-bailing scupper holes
• Keepers XL footbraces

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