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The Jackson Kayak Nirvana creek boat makes you faster, more confident, and will get you through rapids with more control than ever before. A high rocker dry bow keeps you on top of holes and waves and the nimble feeling while maneuvering assures that you stay on your line in the hard rapids. Racers will be delighted to paddle this boat as it, unlike most racing kayaks in the 9’ range, is easy to paddle and confidence inspiring, and the speed of it is mind boggling. If you want a river running/creek boat that takes the rapids down a grade, the JK Jackson Kayak Nirvana is your boat!

  • Confidence-inspiring race-inspired hull design
  • Exaggerated bow-rocker to keep you high and dry, even on challenging whitewater
  • Composite reinforced hull track
  • Uni-shock bulkhead system
  • Hull designed for effortless tracking and speed


  • Opt River Running (lbs) 140-240
  • Length 8'11"
  • Volume (gallons) 86.3
  • Weight (lbs) 44.5
  • Width 26"


  • Opt River Running (lbs) 180-260
  • Length 9'4"
  • Volume (gallons) 97.1
  • Weight (lbs) 51
  • Width 28"

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