Swix N3 Easy Glidewax 80 ml

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  • Designed for Nordic skis with a kick pattern (waxless skis).
  • "Waxless skis" still need maintenance, the bases dry out over time causing snow and dirt to stick to the bases and decrease glide.
  • This is a dead simple way to prevent bases from drying out.
  • Simply depress the foam applicator and apply the liquid to the entire length of the ski, including the kick pattern (fish scales), allow to dry for a minute or two and go ski!.
  • Increases glide and inhibits ice build-up and clumping.
  • Easily fits in a backpack, take it with you...it is a sure-fire way to make friends out on the trail!
  • Works best if you apply it prior to going skiing, but can be applied while out skiing, just remove as much moisture from the ski base as you can prior to application.
  • 80ml (2.7fl. oz.)