Browse our full selection of apparel for kayakers, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts. When you're out in the elements, what you wear matters. From base layers like NRS Rash Guards to insulation such as Immersion Research Thick Skins, we have you covered. Our paddling shells include NRS, Goretex technology, and Kokatat drytops, semi-dry tops and paddle jackets. And for the ultimate in paddling warmth, try a Kokatat, Goretex, or NRS drysuit which can be custom ordered to fit you perfectly. Once you have your core well insulated, make sure your head is protected by a hat of some kind. We have helmet liners to wear under a whitewater helmet, or fleece hats for more general outdoor wear. Our paddling glove selection is extensive with NRS Toaster Mitts for the harshest of conditions and lots of less insulated options for more moderate hand warmth. We carry a number of neoprene booties that both insulate and protect your feet as well.