Try before you buy - Whitewater Kayak Demo/Rental

One of the many advantages of buying your next canoe or kayak at The Outfitters Shop is that you can try your boat on real whitewater before you buy it. There are two ways you can paddle on the river. For a short demo, you can take any boat we have available in our demo fleet across the street to the Deerfield River just behind our barn and paddle it in the class I moving water for no charge. To spend a whole day in your next dreamboat, just come in and fill out the rental paperwork, pay a $45 rental fee (up to two of which, within a year of rental, can be applied to your next boat purchase) and take the boat on the Zoar Gap or the Dryway section of the Deerfield River.

All rentals are subject to availability. Paddling clinic students have priority on any demo boats. Demo boats can be tentatively reserved for a particular day, but may not be picked up until after paddling clinics have taken their boats (usually around 10:00 am.) By reserving, you have priority over other paddlers who want to demo the boat for that particular day, but not over paddling clinic students. We will make every effort to have the boat available but cannot guarantee that it will be.

We reserve the right to deny rentals or demos to paddlers who cannot show competence and experience on the level of water on which they want to rent.  

For more information about our boat demos, please feel free to call 800-532-7483.