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Docs Pro Plugs Ear Protection are designed to keep water out of the individual's ears while bathing or swimming.

"Perhaps the least flattering of all kayaking equipment...earplugs. You might think there’s almost nothing to like about them; they make it hard to hear, they’re uncomfortable, they fall out, etc. But in fact, they are an essential piece of paddling gear if you’re planning (or even if you’re not) on spending any time upside-down in your boat. Prolonged water exposure can lead to a buildup of calcium deposits in the ear as a form of protection from infection and damage. However, after many years this can start to affect one’s hearing. Doc’s Pro Plugs are a great option to both protect your ears and not sacrifice comfort or hearing. They come in a wide range of sizes and tuck nicely right into the front pocket of your PFD so that’s they’re available each time you’re on the water. Our shop staff will be more than happy to fit you into your first pair of earplugs so you can protect your ears in comfort!  Plus Docs Pro Plugs Ear Protection are vented so they maintain hearing with a tiny hole that lets sound in but keeps water out."  - The Outfitters Shop

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