Mr. Zogs Original Sex Wax for Cold Waters


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MR. Zogs Paddle Wax is a multi-purpose paddle wax. Increase your paddle grip. Never Spoils

Mr. Zogs Paddle Wax Features:

  • Improve your grip significantly.
  • Allow you to hold paddle with less strength but maintain control. This reduces fatigue to the muscles of the hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.
  • On cockpit rim keep skirt in place in heavy water or when stretching skirt to allow for overthruster.
  • Nose plugs: All natural formula is safe for skin, apply some wax directly to nose or nose plugs and theyll stay put in most conditions with no more slippage.
  • Dry top: works great as an additional seam sealer on a leaky drytop, and when applied to the neck gasket on a latex drytop (or to the neck) it helps prevent chaffing and the look of just trying to hang yourself after a long day on the water.
  • Tents: great seam sealer on leaky tent seams. Simply soften wax a little and rub onto tent seams.
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