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Dagger Kayak Code- Closeout
Dialed-in Iconic Dagger Performance for River or Creek
Stohlquist Descent Rescue PFD - Discontinued
The ultimate rescue PFD. A comfortable, low-profile vest that incorporates all the features necessary for running the biggest rapids, or roughest seas.
Dagger Kayaks Dagger Kayak Phantom 2021 Closeout DEMO - Red
Dagger Kayak Phantom 2021 Closeout DEMO - Red
The Phantom stays high-and-dry on the water, yet still carries its speed through holes and away from drops, and achieves the perfect balance of tracking and maneuverability with the ability to rapidly change direction when on edge.
Dagger Kayak Katana - 2023 Sale
A crossover kayak that truly excels in any water, the Katana was designed to inspire confidence in the paddler with a balanced rocker profile for speed in the flats and maneuverability in whitewater.
Jackson Kayak Gnarvana 2023
Whether you are looking to run the hardest whitewater, or make it down your backyard run with ease, the Jackson Kayak Gnarvana is gonna rock your run. Now available in THREE SIZES!
Jackson Kayak Rockstar 5.0 2022
Jackson Kayak is proud to continue our legacy of making the best playboats in the world with the Rockstar V!
Dagger Kayak Rewind - 2023 - Sale
The Rewind is an instant classic and an award-winner.
Pyranha Pyranha Kayak Ripper 2
Pyranha Kayak Ripper 2
The design improvements we've introduced in Ripper 2 take the fun to the next level and open up even more opportunities for it; go faster, surf more waves, drop the tail with less effort and in more locations, and get even more recklessly vertical.
Shred Ready Shred Ready Super Scrappy Helmet
Shred Ready Super Scrappy Helmet
The Shred Ready Super Scrappy doesn't need a reason to be steezin'! It's also easy on the pocketbook, so you can affordably look cool and be protected on the river.
Jackson Kayak Sidekick
Designed with your smallest paddling partner in mind, the Sidekick is Jackson Kayak's smallest river running creek boat. Based on the Hero series where stability and maneuverability were top priorities, this kayak will get your kids confident on a variety
Jackson Kayak Zen 3 2021
Generous bow rocker and a wide planing hull makes the Jackson Zen 3.0 a stable and friendly boat to paddle.
Dagger Kayaks Dagger Kayak Nova 2022 Closeout - DEMO Vapor
Dagger Kayak Nova 2022 Closeout - DEMO Vapor
Inspired by the full-slice models of the late 90s and early 2000s, the Nova and the Supernova incorporate a slew of modern features that allow you to slice, surf, and spin your way to hours of amusement on the river!